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Poem (:

You fear the loss and pain of defeat, but still are able to stand on two feet. You crumble and cry as much as you want, but nothing can keep you away from hunt. This is what you have been working for the pride and honor as you take to the floor. You remember the struggles and pain you had when all the good had turned to bad. When behind the scenes you prayed for it all to just simply just go away. The doubts and regrets of what you went through sometimes made you just want to give it to. The next girl in line had gave it her all, but always seemed to carry a fall. You remember the times you thought to give up, but couldn’t ever find a reason to disrupt the hearts desire and all the support, but when the pressure builds and tears you apart how are you able to not depart. How are you able to still carry a smile when everything inside is in a pile. You hold your head high and never look back because this is what keeps you all intact. It’s what runs in your veins, and it’s the key to your heart and it’s only the beginning it’s only the start. It holds a future that could never be told one that can shine with the brightest of gold. The sky is it’s limits with the moon as it’s guide. As one could never predict how high one could travel with the hard work put in to truly become a champion.

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